Nutrition Surprises for Seniors


Our entire lives, we hear about counting calories, limiting fatty foods, and eating plenty of greens. However, there’s much more to nutrition and healthy eating than this! Many nutrition facts are still largely unknown, especially to the elderly. Here are our healthy diet and nutrition tips for seniors, as well as some surprises and myth-busting facts.

You Still Need Calcium!

Many people think that calcium intake is only important as a growing kid. We know we need calcium to grow and have strong bones, but calcium becomes just as important again in old age. Calcium is an essential nutrient that helps prevent bone loss and can improve symptoms of bone disease such as osteoporosis. It also serves other vital functions, from muscle contraction to nerve communication.

Soy is Perfectly Safe

We can finally put the myth that soy drastically increases estrogen levels to rest! Soy is perfectly safe to eat, even for individuals at risk of developing (or who have recovered from) estrogen-related cancers. Soy contains plant estrogens, but the amount is so little that it’s insignificant to cancer risk. Soy is also a good protein to include in a healthy diet for seniors because it’s easier to digest than animal-based protein sources.

Supplements Aren’t All That

Supplements have a clear place in the health and fitness world, but they’re not magical pills. Unless you have a nutrient deficiency or have spoken with your physician, you don’t need supplements. A well-balanced diet rich in whole foods should provide you with all the necessary nutrients for your body to stay healthy. Supplements can help, but it’s best to get your nutrients from food sources.

Nutrition Labels Can be Deceiving

Nutrition labels are often regarded as the “truth” on food packaging, but they can also be deceiving. Always pay attention to serving sizes, as this is a common way to make food appear healthier or lower in calories than it truly is. Companies often make unrealistically small serving sizes that you will likely not follow.