The Power of Music

When you hear a catchy song or familiar lyrics, there’s a good chance you’ll start singing along or at least hum the tune. Some music infused with a rhythmic beat, bass, or drums, can quickly get you tapping your feet or out of your seat and on the floor to move, groove and dance. And it doesn’t matter where you are when it happens, when music like this reaches your brain it has a powerful effect on your mood and emotions.

In a recent study published in the journal NeuroImage, researchers looked at brains scans of people listening to tango music. Using computer software to help interpret the brain’s response to the music, researchers could measure changes in brain activity throughout the song as the rhythm, tone, and timbre changed. The findings showed that the sounds and musical elements of the song activated areas of the brain that control motor skills, emotions, and creativity.

No wonder a golden oldies tune opens the floodgate to memories of the past, a well-crafted beat puts a smile on your face and gets you to start bobbing your head, and the right song choice boosts your creativity.

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