New Self Care Machine May Revolutionize Home Dialysis

When end-stage renal failure becomes a reality, your kidneys can no longer handle the demand of cleaning your blood and removing excess fluid from your body. When your kidneys fail, you’ll need dialysis treatments or a kidney transplant to survive. For those who receive dialysis, one of the biggest challenges of this treatment option is the time commitment involved from driving in traffic to a clinic, time hooked up to the machine, and time back on the road again.

That’s something research and development experts at the UK-based medical equipment company Quanta Fluid Solutions wanted to change. And that’s why they developed the SelfCare+ hemodialysis machine. This compact, portable hemodialysis machine is designed to make the process easier at home or in the clinic, and it’s easy to configure for patients or medical staff with some basic training.

Connect to the dialysis machine, load a disposable cartridge, wait for the automatic priming system, and begin your session. It’s easy to do in your own or in the hospital. The disposable cartridge and SelfCare+ technology regulates fluids, blood flow, and cleaning, to provide you a seamless dialysis treatment.

While this device has similarities to existing machines dialysis patients use at home, one thing that makes it stand out is its self-cleaning feature. When your dialysis session is complete, there’s no intensive disinfection or time-consuming cleaning required with the SelfCare+. It’s simply ready for your next treatment session.

“This is a highly innovative, small, portable, cartridge-based system that matches the performance standards of the market-leading, large clinical systems,” says Quanta Non-Executive Director Meinhard Schmidt. “This is a practical system that will improve patient outcomes, offers potential cost-savings for the healthcare providers, while delivery better quality of life for many patients around the world.”

After receiving European design, development, and manufacturing approval, last year, Quanta is moving forward with plans to make this life-changing available for home use for people who need kidney dialysis treatments.