Seniors: Try Group Exercise for Better Health


We all know exercise is good for health, no matter your age. Exercise is encouraged in older age to improve balance, flexibility, and strength — all of which can help you stay safe, prevent falls, and live a better life. However, even better than regular exercise is doing it with a group. Here are some benefits of group exercises for seniors' overall health and wellbeing.

Looking Out for Each Other

Group exercises are a wonderful place to build a sense of community and form friendships. These people can help you when you need someone, check in on you regularly, and notice if you’re not feeling your usual best self. We need people like that in our lives, especially in older age!

Improved Mental Health

We need to look at health holistically - it’s not just the physical aspect. Joining a group exercise class improves mental health, decreases feelings of loneliness, and provides a sense of community and belonging. The better you feel after doing an exercise, the more you’ll look forward to doing it again in the future. This increases commitment and motivation towards exercise in general.

Do What You Love

The options are unlimited for group exercises, so you’re sure to find something you enjoy. Try something new and sign up for a yoga or dancing class. Or, find a community of people who love the same activities as you do, whether that’s going on hikes or an endurance class. Bringing your exercise outside brings even more endorphins, which improve your mood and increase energy levels. Take a walk with friends or join a community walking club.

Find a Cause

Plenty of group exercise events and classes are centered around a cause. Whether it’s a walk to raise money for cancer research or to bring awareness to social issues, there are plenty of reasons to get moving. Find a cause that motivates you to join and meet with like-minded individuals.