The Social Side of Seniors' Fitness: Making Friends and Staying Connected


Regardless of your age, making new friends can be daunting. However, it seems even more challenging to put ourselves out there and make new friends as we get older.


Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, having a social life is essential for a good quality of life. It provides a sense of purpose, belonging, connection, and joy. Now, combine your social interactions with another activity that improves wellness, such as exercise, and you'll feel even better!

Find Something You Enjoy

Whether you prefer a workout class, group hike, or team sport, there are plenty of senior fitness options out there – you just need to find what you enjoy. You may prefer a more intimate class or a busy group event. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to find other like-minded people you can socialize with.

Exercise Motivation

Making friends through exercise is also a great way to stay motivated and consistent with your fitness. While you may not look forward to exercising every time, you might look forward to seeing your friends again or meeting new people. Once you form those connections, you can take your friendships outside of the group exercise and plan walks or other activities that allow you to connect more.

The Perfect Recipe

Exercise improves self-esteem and confidence, increases energy levels, reduces stress, and improves mental health, amongst many other benefits. All these factors allow you to be in a better mindset to put yourself out there and make new friends as a senior.

These benefits also apply to socializing with old friends and family. You’ll have more energy and strength to make plans, play with your grandchildren, explore your neighborhood, or do whatever brings you joy. A consistent exercise routine helps you live more independently, improving your quality of life and self-image.

Exercise is a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle, whether you’re in your teenage years or older age. In old age, strength and energy levels decrease, impacting physical and mental health. Social life often takes the backseat, which only worsens well-being. By finding a group exercise you enjoy, whether there are only five people or 20, you can improve both physical and mental health. The benefits of group exercise are endless!