Certain Popular Southern Foods Bad for Kidneys

Dipped in batter and deep-fried in oil, lard, or butter. It's one of the hallmarks of Southern cooking. Fried chicken, grits made with butter, and oven-baked pastries loaded with sugar, fat, and calories. These are just a few examples of popular Southern foods. And if you have kidney disease, eating these foods increases your risk for health problems.

In a University of Alabama study, researchers looked at the diets of about 4,000 people with kidney disease. They found that people with kidney disease who regularly eat Southern-style foods (processed meats, fried foods, sugar-sweetened beverages) are 50 percent more likely to die early than people with kidney disease who eat healthier.

Southern-style foods are bad for kidneys because they contain high levels of salt, phosphorous, sugar, and saturated fat. And if you're kidneys aren't working properly, excess levels of these substances will reach the bloodstream and increase your risk for high blood pressure and heart disease. But it doesn't mean you have to give up good-tasting food. You'll have to curb your cravings for Southern-style cooking, but MagicKitchen.com has a large selection of healthy and tasty meals for people with kidney problems.

Our Renal Diet meal options include dishes like Italian-Style Chicken Breast with Orzo & Spinach, Shrimp and Vegetable Linguine, Sweet and Sour Chicken with Zucchini & Onion Sauté, Breaded Fish Wedge with cauliflower and green beans, and many others. These meals taste great, and they're made without the kind of ingredients that make Southern-cooking bad for your health.

In the University of Alabama study, researchers also found that people eating more fruits and vegetables help people with kidney disease feel better and live longer. If you have kidney disease, it's important to closely monitor your diet, avoid smoking, and get regular exercise. This may not slow the progress of kidney disease, but it's important for your overall health and longevity.