Ideas to Stick to a Fall Fitness Routine


As a new season approaches, it’s time to get back on track with our goals. Whether you have weight-change goals or just want to become healthier, sticking to a fitness routine is always somewhere on the list. View our tips below and learn how to stick to a fall fitness routine.

Bring Your Exercise Outdoors

Now that the temperatures are colder (but not yet freezing), it’s the perfect season to bring your exercise outside. Plus, the beautiful views of red and orange leaves on the trees make taking a walk or riding your bike extra enjoyable. There are so many places that you can walk during fall and enjoy the views, from going to a local park, apple farm, or pumpkin patch. It won’t even feel like exercise! If you want something more strenuous, find some local trails and go on a hike. Hiking works many muscles from all the uphill climbs and uneven terrain.

Invite Friends and Family

We’ve had a tough year when it comes to socializing, but luckily the beautiful fall weather is a chance to reunite with our loved ones outside. Make exercise more enjoyable by bringing friends and family along. Go for a bike ride together or a morning jog. Not only is working out with friends and family more fun, but you can also all hold each other accountable and motivated. If you have young ones, get outside and play a team sport, such as soccer, tag, or basketball. It’s a fun way to burn off energy and get that heart rate up!

Take an Online Fitness Class

Gyms might not be open everywhere yet, but there are plenty of online classes available that you can join. From ballet to yoga to intense HIIT workouts, there’s something for everyone. It’s a great way to spice up your usual fitness routine and meet new people, even if it’s from your laptop. Online classes are convenient, fun, and indoors (which is great for when the weather really starts to drop).