Eat Well: Stock Up on These 6 Renal Friendly Foods


When you have renal disease, it’s easy to get stuck on what you can’t eat. You know…limit the amount of sodium, potassium, phosphorus and protein you eat.

So what should you be eating? Take the guesswork out of planning renal diet meals and stock up on these six kidney-friendly foods:

1. Whole-grain foods

Have some oatmeal for breakfast. Make a toasted sandwich for lunch. Cook some pasta for dinner.

Whole-grain foods can be part of a Renal-Friendly diet. Just make sure you read food labels to check sodium content and avoid phosphate additives.

  • Whole Grain Pancake & Sausages, Sweet Potatoes & Cinnamon Apples

2. Fruits and veggies

It’s not a surprise, right? Fruits and vegetables are a staple for any healthy diet. Fresh is usually best. But there’s nothing wrong with stocking up on canned fruits and vegetables, too.

Try these:

3. Plant-based protein

When you have renal disease, limiting protein will help protect the remaining kidney function you have left.Plant-based proteins are good for you because they’re low in fat and high in fiber. Beans and legumes are probably the easiest to stock up on.

If you buy canned beans, look for low sodium options. You should drain and rinse canned beans, too. Why? They’re often canned in liquid with added sodium as a preservative.

Try these:

4. Nuts & seeds

You’re probably going to avoid or limit potato chips (because most are high in sodium) when you have renal disease.

But what foods can you eat that offer a healthier crunch? Stock up on nuts and seeds. They’re high in fiber and contain healthy fats. Just make sure you get the unsalted kind.

5. Herbs & spices

Ever felt like following a Renal-Friendly diet tasted a bit bland?

You don’t want to season your food with salt. But you can season your food with herbs and spices. Stock up on herbs and spices such as: paprika, thyme, onion, basil, and oregano.

Try these:

6. Healthy oils

If you’re going to cook at home, chances are pretty good you’ll use oil to saute food, cook pasta, or make salad dressings. But not all oils are created equal. Skip oils made from animal sources and high in saturated fats. Stock up on plant-based oils like:

  • Olive oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Palm oil

Want to make following a Renal-Friendly diet even easier?

Check out the complete menu HERE, pick your favorites, and stock your freezer with meals made from fresh ingredients and ready to eat in minutes.