Eat SuperGrains to Protect Your Heart and Your Health

Enjoy a bowl of cereal. Eat some oatmeal. Or munch your way through a plate of pasta. These are some of the most commonly consumed foods for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. But they’re not all the same. Many off-the-shelf cereals, oatmeals, and pastas are made from refined grains that are rapidly digested and turned into glucose.

If you’re a marathon runner, you can probably handle the surge in blood sugar for an energy boost. But for most of us, overloading on refined grains can lead to weight gain, heart disease, diabetes, and other health problems. However, you can enjoy these same foods made from “supergrains” that will protect your heart and your health. So what are the best "supergrains" to include in your diet? Try these top three healthy grains:


Food manufacturers can’t mess with this grain because it’s too small to strip down and turn into refined grain. But it tastes great cooked and mixed with juice or water, served with fresh fruit, or used to make tortillas and quesadillas. In addition to being a fiber-rich whole grain, it’s also high in calcium to strengthen your bones.


In the U.S., millet doesn’t get the respect it deserves, but this “supergrain” is a favorite around the world. It’s used to make hot cereal, cooked like mashed potatoes, served fluffy like rice, or ground up into flour to make bread, muffins, and other baked breakfast treats. This fiber-rich “supergrain” is loaded with magnesium and B vitamins known to help reduce muscle pain, headaches, and cramps.


This protein-packed “supergrain” contains omega-3 fatty acids and higher levels of vitamin E than most grains that prevent inflammation and strengthen your immune system. It’s used to make pastas, flour, and in whole-grain breads.

These are just a few of the many healthy whole-grains options available to help you get the daily six servings of grains and 25-plus grams of fiber recommended by the Institute of Medicine. For more food options that include fiber-rich whole grains and fruits and vegetables, check out the meal selection at