Try These Healthy Snacks for Low-Carb Dieting


Go low-carb. If you want to lose weight, slim down, and improve your overall health, following a low-carb diet can make a big difference.

It’s one reason plans like the Atkins Diet, Keto Diet, Paleo Diet, and others have gained such popularity in recent years. Eating fewer carbs is a proven way to lose weight and keep it off. 

But it’s not always easy in a carb-happy world where fast food, breaded sandwiches and burgers, sweet treats, and no shortage of seemingly healthy foods loaded with added sugar are everywhere.

If you’re looking for ways to stick to your diet, check out these Low-Carb meals all made from fresh ingredients, perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a bite to eat in between. When you get a craving for a snack in between meals, or when you’re on the go or out and about, plan ahead and enjoy some of these healthy low-carb snacks:


Apricot, guava, kiwi, cranberries, strawberries


Celery, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, cucumber

Nuts and seeds

Pecans, macadamia nuts, walnuts, pine nuts, almonds


Cottage cheese, plain yogurt, Provolone cheese, Swiss cheese, string cheese


Turkey, chicken, tuna, salmon, hard-boiled egg


Tea, coffee, sparkling mineral water, almond milk, coconut water

These are just a few examples of healthy low-carb snacks that contain 0 g of carbs per serving to just 12 g of carbs per serving. If you’re really hungry in between meals, mix and match these snacks to create your own combinations.

And when you are ready to stop long enough to eat a healthy Low-Carb meal, check out these 26 low-carb meals made from fresh ingredients by a team of professional chefs and approved by a registered dietitian. It’s an easy and convenient way to stick to your diet, manage your weight, and improve your health.