Weight-Loss Motivation Tips


If you are currently on a weight loss journey, you’ll already know that it’s difficult to feel motivated all the time. While it’s normal for motivation to come and go, there are ways that you can help yourself stay on track. Here are some weight loss motivation tips for those days you feel like giving up.

Choose Realistic Goals

Sometimes, we get caught up on the end goal, whether that’s a number on the scale or a specific measurement. But losing weight is a long and gradual journey — it won’t happen overnight. To keep you motivated, make some realistic goals that you can achieve in-between. This might be a new personal best at the gym, eating healthy dinners all week, or eliminating soda from your diet.

Stop Comparing

Comparing yourself to others only leads to feelings of defeat and low self-esteem. If you compare yourself on social media, unfollow those people who make you feel less than. Surround yourself with people who motivate you and make you feel good about your goals. Nobody’s process is the same, so it’s unfair to you to compare the results.

Focus on Internal Motivators

Often, the goals for weight loss are physical. The way you look, the size of your clothes, and your measurement proportions. However, these results come further down the line in your weight loss journey. In the meantime, find some internal weight loss encouragement, such as how you feel when you complete a workout. Exercise releases endorphins and helps improve focus, among other benefits. These motivators are more consistent than a physical goal and can help you stay on track.

Identify your Obstacles

Knowing your obstacles will help you overcome them. Do you eat more sweets when you’re bored or upset? Do you neglect your workouts when your work schedule is too busy? Once you understand these challenges, you can work through them. If you know you eat when you’re bored, prepare some healthy snacks that you can quickly grab from the fridge.

Be Kind to Yourself

Our last weight loss motivation tip is to be kind to yourself throughout the journey. You will have days when motivation is low, the scale goes up, or you don’t feel like exercising. In the same way that you can’t reach your goals in one day, you also can’t erase them. Don’t be so hard on yourself, and enjoy the process.