What Does Wellness Mean to You?


Wellness is the general practice of healthy habits that improve physical and mental well-being. It includes physical, spiritual, social, mental, and emotional wellness. There are also other areas of wellness that some recognize, such as financial and intellectual wellness. There are different definitions of wellness for everyone, as everyone has different values and priorities.

Physical Wellness

Physical wellness mainly includes nutrition and fitness. What type of exercise makes you feel your best? Do you like to walk, go to the gym, or practice yoga? Do you work out every day or once a week? Ask yourself these questions and assess whether you are happy with your current habits. Where would you like to improve? At MagicKitchen.com, we offer a range of delicious wellness meals created by dietitians. All of these meals are nutritionally balanced, so you don’t have to put effort into planning or calculating your meals yourself.

Social Wellness

Socializing is a significant area of wellness. It's necessary to have a support system full of family and friends that wish the best for you and accept you. If you don’t feel fulfilled in this area of your life, sign up for some classes you are interested in, whether it’s an art class or a language class. You will meet like-minded people whom you are likely to connect with. If you have people in your life that don’t make you feel good, consider letting them know your feelings or keeping some distance.

Emotional Wellness

Emotions are difficult to control, but they contribute significantly to our overall well-being. How do you feel about your recent emotions? If you are stressed often, what are some ways that you can relax? Consider journaling or speaking to someone that you trust about your feelings. Find ways to destress, whether that’s a self-care routine or being around loved ones. What other emotions do you want to improve? Are you angry about anything? Find ways to let go of that anger and find peace.