Comfort Food Bundle

Congratulations Gift

Whether they are graduating, got promoted, or are having their first child, when congratulations are in order, this convenient gift of cooked frozen meals prepared by our chefs is a wonderful gift idea. Try our comfort food meal package today!


Pkg 2 Svg $159.99
Pkg 4 Svg $319.99
No Dssrt 2 Svg $139.99
No Dssrt 4 Svg $279.99


  1. Hickory Smoked Pit Ham, Whole Wheat Rolls, Broccoli & Cauliflower with Cheese Sauce
  2. Penne with Meatballs & Tomato Sauce, Pesto and Cheese Flatbread
  3. Beef Brisket Burnt Ends with Barbecue Sauce, Fresh Cut Corn Medley, Potato & Onion Pierogi
  4. Lobster Tortellini in Tarragon Pink Sauce, French Bread


  1. Double Fudge Brownie
  2. U-Bake Apple Strudel (RC)


Pkg 2 Svg $249.99
Pkg 4 Svg $499.99
No Dssrt 2 Svg $223.99
No Dssrt 4 Svg $447.99


    Meals in Regular Bundle, PLUS 3 more meals
  1. Cheese Ravioli with Marinara Sauce, Many Bean Soup
  2. Prime Rib Beef with Pearl Onions & Mushrooms, Magic Mashed Potatoes
  3. Chicken Broccoli Wild Rice Casserole


  1. Carrot-Zucchini-Walnut Muffins