Low Sodium Meals Bundle - 8 Meals (4 Meals for Two)

Low Sodium Meals Bundle - 8 Meals (4 Meals for Two)

Pkg 2 Svg $205.99
Pkg 4 Svg $373.99
No Dssrt Svg $134.99
No Dssrt 4 Svg $270.99

Less than 400mg of sodium per serving in each main course, side dish, soup or dessert, and less than 700mg per serving of each meal listed below. Low sodium foods, delicious meals you can heat & eat!

Bundle Description

  1. Chicken and Artichoke with Spinach (349mg), Rice with Mixed Vegetables (17mg), Dessert: Panna Cotta with Hazelnut (100 mg)
  2. Spinach Mushroom Lasagna With Light Pesto Sauce (580mg), Dessert: Double Fudge Brownies (61mg)
  3. Chicken Fettucine Alfredo & Broccoli (320mg), Buttered Carrots (153mg), Dessert: Madeline Cookies (20mg)
  4. Clam Chowder (350mg), Stuffed Baked Potatoes (250mg), Dessert: Tiramisu (122mg)

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Never ordered before but will again. All delicious! Catherine G