6 Serving Turkey Dinner

6 Serving Turkey Dinner

6 Svg $174.99

A whole 4 pound Turkey Breast, seasoned and partially cooked. Just pop it in the oven for a short time and you have a succulent, moist, boneless turkey breast along with all the sides of a traditional turkey dinner. Order today and get a gourmet turkey dinner delivered to your door!

Bundle Description

  1. Turkey Breast 3.75 - 4 lb
  2. Turkey Gravy - 24 oz
  3. Magic Mashed Potatoes - 36 oz
  4. Apple Sage Stuffing - 20 oz
  5. Whole Grain Rolls --8 rolls
  6. Cranberry-Orange Sauce - 16 oz
  1. Lemon Tarte - Family Size

Customer Reviews

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Turkey easy to heat up and fantastic, stuffing fantastic, cranberry sauce great - did not care for the mashed potatoes or the gravy. I Best pumpkin pie I've had in a long time! I'd buy again less the potatoes and gravy...Excellent shipping and packaging. Will absolutely purchase from this company again very soon. Heidi K