More Testimonials

My husband is very pleased with all of the meals that he has tried. He wishes the portions were a little bigger but all in all, very happy.
Wendy D.

Having discovered that I had diabetes, I didn’t know what I was going to eat. Then I saw an ad for I decided to try some of their meals and I’ll never be sorry! The meals are received in a timely manner, the servings are more than generous and the food is delicious. I enjoy trying each new dish that I get, Their menus are easy to see and I’ve gotten great service. I’ll be a customer for a long time!
Mary T

I have been ordering meals from for several years and the reason I continue to re-order is that the meals are consistently good and the service is outstanding. The meals come when promised and FedEx does a great job on delivery.
Marv R.

The food is very good and always as described.
Carol P Oliver

This is a great solution to help out my mom. She is elderly, lives alone and doesn't cook for herself very often. Since I live out of the area, this is a way for me to help her out. makes it very easy.

I order meals every week for my husband. He likes every one of them.

Still very extremely happy with am sending packages to a family member who is disabled and on his own. The Chicken Pot Pie is still # one favorite... Great dessert options too.. The Sweets for the Sweet Bundle was a great way to sample the good ones! But the favorites are the Tiramisu and the Double Fudge Brownies!

I have used to send my nieces prepared meals when they had injuries and were not able to shop and make their meals. They are always on time and delicious. I find them very courteous and customer friendly. You guys are doing a good job.
Betty S. meals are still a staple for my live at home brother... Good tasting and nutritious meals as well as easy for him to prepare... the three new desserts are now requested by him for every order -Chocolate Ganache Cake and Tiramisu U-Bake Apple-Raisin Strudel!!

Good food at a reasonable price with a nice selections. The parents really love them.
Will J. are the best meals that I have found for someone on a very low salt diet.
Joyce R.

Fabulous! They make my holidays "Great"! I have ordered from them for 3 years now. I am a senior that needs help for the holidays. So I order from with confidence. They are delicious, on time and wrapped to arrive just right. I will continue having them make my "holidays bright"!
M.B.B. consistently delivers high-quality, great-tasting food, over and over again. There was one meal my mom wasn't happy with and they stepped to the plate and made it right! Love these folks!
Joe C.

All the food I have tried is awesome.

What I like about Magic Kitchen:
- your Special Diets (low sodium)
- no requirement to order 2 of the same meal

I’ve checked with your competitors who have high ratings & they require certain selections wherein you must order 2 of the same meal. Further, I understand they like a minimum of 4 meals ordered.

They are not flexible on a single order on the 2 meal selections notwithstanding that I notified them I’d be ordering a minimum of 4-6 to 8 meals at a time (order). Maybe I’m missing something but I don’t like to be told I have to order a minimum of 2 meals depending on selected item.

Your offerings, although a bit pricey, allow me that flexibility & as you may see from my initial order; I believe I have 9 meals too be delivered this week.

I look forward to tasting your products and am pleased that the low sodium diet will help my health situation. THANK YOU,!
Joseph B.

Hi - I have been ordering food for my grandmother for the last several years. She dearly loves getting your food and makes it easy for her to have a 'home cooked meal' when getting around is no longer so easy.
Stacy N.

I have been with several years and still satisfied.
Dale F.

I just love your food and how you fix it. Its what I have been looking for. Very happy, you will be hearing from me a lot. No more Schwans!
Nelson F S. is such a wonderful discovery.It tastes great; and, there is so much variety for someone who is on a restricted diet.
Joyce R.

I was just recently diagnosed with stage four kidney failure and your meals help me supplement my daily living. I am on my third order and am enjoying the service.
Edna H.

I was just recently diagnosed with stage four kidney failure and your meals help me supplement my daily living. I am on my third order and am enjoying the service.
Edna H.

I had been searching for a ready to eat meal delivery company for my diabetic Mother-in- Law and stumbled upon I had never heard of them before. I decided to give them a shot and placed an order for 6 meals to begin with. My MiL received them exactly as advised the date they would be delivered. They were well packaged in dry ice and a cooler. Let me tell you! She enjoyed them so much she sent me a hand written list of the ones she loved and new ones she wanted to try! She raved about how tasty and fresh they were! I am so glad I gave a try because when a picky MiL says she likes something, you know you have a winner!!!
Tina M.

Happy with the delivery service! Thank you.

Really like the meals, my favorite is the meatloaf & second would be the Salisbury steak. Saves me time in the kitchen too!
Peg C.

Tasty, very large menu to chose from, easy to heat up & lovely staff to deal with, especially Michelle, the dietitian.
Lindsay B.

We absolutely love! The meals taste wonderful and my 87 1/2 year old Italian mother approves ... and she's a pretty tough customer!
Joe C.

I tried your diabetic meals and was very satisfied with them. They not only are delicious but keep my diabetes under control.
Joan S.

Still love the food, easy to prepare and very good meals... Delivery is dependable!
Bob P.

Quality meals at a great price. The convenience is worth it!
John A.

Excellent food, There's only been two out of 40 and more that I didn't care for taste-wise.
Susie M.

Your food seems to be getting better and better. I really loved the beef lasagna with peas and carrots. As I am on a low sodium diet I really like your variety .
Harry M. W.

I purchased some of your meals when you were having a sale as a Christmas gift for my mom. They are a convenient and healthy and low sodium as my mom is a cardiac patient. At her age it makes meal time easy. There is a large selection which is good. They are a bit pricey and the $20 for shipping is bit much so I have to catch when there are specials as I am on a limited budget. But she likes them and make for a good gift.
Dave A.

I order diabetic meals for my sister when I am out of state for the winter. It is so relieving to know that she will get quality meals while I am gone...thank you! Dorothy F.

I order a one-week pack of dinners for my 88-year old mother-in-law for her birthday, Mother's Day, etc. and she is always so pleased with the selections! Most recently, she had some physical problems, and these came in quite handy, as she was having a hard time getting around.Anne B.

I had an issue that was resolved greatly to my satisfaction. Excellent customer service. And the Salmon Caponata is delish! Couldn't be easier to prepare. Just remember to thaw first (which I failed to do with the first meal I had, and even then it came out great). The product packaging is excellent; perhaps that accounts for their shipping rate. Joan

My son thinks these are just super star meals. I send them to him and he thinks they are just the biggest treat. Great delivery and easy to heat. Beverly E.

I was using Freshly and all the meals began to taste the same. When I changed to, the meals were so much better and I enjoyed them so much more. It's a wonderful and convenient method of having good food quickly. Jill S.

Everything is delicious. I like the variety. Crystal R.

I can't tell you how much that these meals have helped my father. I order twice a month for him. Perfect quick and easy when he gets home from dialysis. He lives in Alabama and took the pamphlet to his dialysis center to share with other patients who now say they will be ordering as well. Thank you! Donna

Haven't had one meal that I did not enjoy and very reasonable. So easy to fix and quite a lot of different things to choose from. Great food!
Ann S.

Love your food! Beef Wellington En Croûte dish and the brownies are my all time favorites!
Bob P.

We live in California and our order always goes to my elderly Mom in Ohio. She loves the Quiche, I always send that. And the beef stew was great she said. It was a new item this time as was the Mac and cheese. She is having the turkey and mashed potatoes tomorrow. My brother lives with her and He gets to enjoy it all as well. Makes a week of not cooking helpful. And I try to send items she would not normally eat. Thank you.
Robin S.

Brother in Renal failure. Diet restrictions difficult at best. makes it so much easier and takes one more stresser off my shoulders. They have been good about adjusting meals based on his preference. A suggestion is to offer more of a variety, especially at breakfast, for non pork eating customers. He is feeling much better, and I am sure it is a combination of Physical Therapy and his Renal diet.
Pixie H.

I just placed a new order and was very impressed with the streamlining you did to you web site! In the past, one had to go constantly back and forth, from the menu selection to the cart and back again! Now, once an item is ordered, one gets a short glance at the cart and then the system returns quickly back to the selection menu! Great job!
Steve C.

We have been ordering lunch/dinner meals for the past months for our son, who has been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. He was unable to prepare his meals and he had been placed on a renal and high protein diet. The meals we ordered from the company were great and met his dietary needs. We could see his health improving and ordering the meals made life a little easy for him, especially, after being dialyzed, when he would be so tired. He found the meals to be very fresh and favorably, his favorites were the Crab Cake Dinner, Baked Tilapia Dinner, and Meatballs Rice and Gravy…. Thank You
Walterine E.

My Dad is a 88 year old dialysis patient. I cannot begin to tell you how much these meals have helped.. He loves everything about them.
Donna D.

Because of my special dietary needs (Dialysis), I find the meals I order from appear to fulfill my needs... The thing I really like about the choices this company provides is a variety of fish dishes, which other companies do not provide or offer. The meals I do order I find to be very tasty, not bland and very filling. The meatballs with Rice and gravy, and Crab Cake to be an excellent meal...I usually check with the Nutritionist to verify which meals I can have...So far no problems. Thank you!!!
Walterine F.

I have been purchasing meals from your company for approximately the last seven months. I usually order the variety of seafood meals (fish) your company offer to dialysis patients. The dietitian, who has been working with me and has gone over your many meals selections, felt the meals fit within my dietary needs. I found the Haddock and the tilapia to be very moist and flavorful, I used to order the crab cakes, which I found to be excellent, but the last couple of times I ordered them, it appeared the recipe had changed, so I do not order them as much. I also like the meatballs with rice and gravy....All in all the food is very good.....Thank you!!
Ajene F

Thank you for your continued quality of service and meals.
Dale F.

I enjoyed the food. everything came good and cold just the way i wanted it too. i will order again.
Diane C.

I just placed a new order from, and am eagerly awaiting its arrival. I always order a la cart because it gives me the most flexibility. I like the food, and I think it is VERY reasonably priced. I especially love the Panna Cotta dessert and, with four servings to an order, I am able to have one every so often as a VERY SPECIAL treat!
Selina C

Meals are wonderful! Always send to friends and family who are need a comfort meal. Thanks!
Jenny C. Y.

The diabetic meals were excellent. It has been a huge help for my elderly parents. They report that they were all very tasty. They are loving them. We will be continuing to use your service and recommend it to everyone, especially folks with special dietary needs. Thank you!
Kaye R.

Portion control meals I have had are tasty and filling. In particular meatballs and rice is very good as are chicken patty and chicken fried rice.
John G.

Every item we ordered was very good we liked the package and the instructions for cooking and fast delivery to my door step.
George S.

I've been really pleased with the items I've purchased through, and as soon as I finish it, I have another list of meals I'm looking forward to trying.
Barb N.

I have been purchasing meals for a number of years. I have been very pleased with the consistent quality of the food and ingredients. Although i don't eat beef, pork or chicken, they offer plenty of main courses for me to choose from.
Linda G.

I order from for my son, who is GF. It's always a treat for him and I like to know he's getting at least some balanced meals. The process is easy. He tells me the meals are very tasty and filling, too. Thank you for helping me be a better mom!
Janet W.

Meals are very good. Highly convenient.
Larry D.

We ordered the ala Carte items. Delivery and packaging was excellent. We loved the shrimp and pasta and the soups were good but the servings of soup was too small. Food good but too expensive for seniors on a fixed income.
Gloria B.

I thought all my 14 meals were amazing. Taste was very good, the whole wheat rolls were good too. I'm buying the breakfast meals next week along without dinner meals.
C. Miller

I order diabetic meals for my mother. She enjoys them very much.

I've ordered from several times and the food is fantastic! One of my favorites is the lower sodium eggplant parm. Also, love their salmon. Usually, order from ala carte menu. Unlike many other online food deliveries, does provide good sized portions. Highly recommended!

Thank you for your prompt service and good food.
D. Fiser

Your food is exactly the type of food that has helped me attain my health. I was dangerously near getting diabetes type one. Thank you loads for your help. I am continually using your food for my health . Thank you ever so much.
Robert B.

The food is easy to cook and is perfectly made for one person as ordered.
Jeffery H.

Lightly salted potato chips are a great alternative to regular chips. You don't feel like your missing out when everyone else is having chips. Good taste and texture.
Barbara H.

I love the portion controlled meals.I pop them in the oven and do other things while it's baking and voila I have a good tasting meal ready. I don't have to prepare anything as it is already done for me.
Gloria Duarte R.

I have found that all of my meals have been very good. They are not overly salty but have a good flavor. I love how easy it is to fix and know that I am eating a controlled amount of food solving the problem of over eating. Can't wait for my next delivery.
Juanita W.

The food is fresh and wholesome. It's very convenient.
David C.