Magic Kitchen Flex Subscriptions's Flex Subscription Plan is just that- flexible, and made just for you! It offers great savings, including free delivery! See more details below.

We have always accepted single orders and always will. But customers requested a subscription program, and we were happy to give them this one! Flex food delivery subscription is a personalized service! Once you've created your subscription, our dedicated flex subscription service person will place your orders for you over the phone.

Based on the commitment made, and for the length of the subscription, you get FREE standard UPS delivery and a percentage off product purchased.
Commitment 3 months 6 months 9 months

Call Us today! 877-516-2442!

Meal Options– Customers can order from our a-la-carte menu, complete meals or both.

Process to set up a program:

  1. Customer determines what amount dollar per month and length of time for the contract that they want to put in place.
  2. Customer determines how they want to place orders – through or by themselves.
    • For placed orders, customers can call, email or have us follow up for orders on predetermined timeframes.
    • For customer placed orders, will generate a gift certificate and the appropriate promotion code to get free delivery and the discount off meals.
    • On customer placed orders, if the gift certificate does not cover the total order cost, they will need a credit card to finish the order.
  3. Orders get placed whenever desired (1 or multiple orders per month).
  4. Any size order will get the discount on product, orders $100 or more will also get free delivery. On meal subscriptions, the monthly amount will be charged to your credit card the first of each month for the program.

Customers can also use loyalty program with this program!

Money left at the end of your subscription term? Either use it up, or lose it, or, as another option at the end of a term in an agreement, any funds left over from the agreement can be added onto a new contract. Customers can place an order into the future with the extra dollars or purchase a gift certificate.

Our Meal Guarantee always applies as well.

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