Seniors- 7 Foods to Boost Your Energy Levels


Foods to Boost Your Energy Levels

Ever wake up feeling tired and sluggish? You might think that’s just a sign of old age, and you have to learn to deal with it. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Even as you age, you can have plenty of energy and avoid feeling fatigued. How? Eating the right foods makes a big difference. Include these 7 foods in your diet…

1. Apples

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” There’s some truth to that. Apples are a good source of antioxidants that can help prevent inflammation and certain types of cancer. But there’s also a good source of natural sugars and energy. Try:

2. Beans

Beans, beans...the magical fruit. You know the rest, right? Beans are great for energy because they digest slowly. This keeps your blood sugar levels stable, instead high blood sugar level spikes in energy followed by lows and fatigue. Try:

3. Brown Rice

Brown rice is a high-fiber food with a low Glycemic Index. When you eat brown rice, it takes a lot longer for your body to digest, than white rice. The’s a stable source of energy. Try:

4. Eggs

Looking for a good protein source that can give you an energy boost, too? Eat more eggs. They’re high in protein and amino acids that help provide energy.

5. Fish

Want a natural way to fight fatigue? Eat more fish. Research shows eating fish high in omega-3 fatty acids may help prevent fatigue. Try:

6. Leafy Greens

Guess what? If you don’t get enough iron in your diet, chances are pretty good you experience fatigue and exhaustion. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Leafy greens are packed with vitamins and nutrients, including iron. Try:

7. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes make the list because they’re a good source of complex carbs. These types of carbs take longer for your body to digest, giving you a sustained source of energy.

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