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1200 Calorie Meals by MagicKitchen.com

Our 1200 calorie meals for weight loss are prepared by real chefs and delivered right to your door. Our portion controlled menus offer easy to prepare meals that support any healthy lifestyle. Our portion controlled meal delivery includes dishes between 220 and 490 calories, which makes them easy to mix and match to keep on your new caloric regime.

MagicKitchen.com makes 1200-calorie-a-day diet meals that are easy and delicious. Meals like Beef Bourguignon with Brown Rice & Broccoli and Salmon Linguine will keep you satisfied and on track for weight loss.

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Benefits of 1200-Calorie a Day Meals

How it Works


Browse our two menus: A LA CARTE and COMPLETE MEALS. We cover a great variety of diets.


You can place a single order with no commitment and no contracts.


We deliver your flash-frozen, nutritious and delicious meals right to your door!

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Our Menu of 1200-Calorie a Day Meals

  • No Contracts- Stop and Start as you like
  • Choices - Hundreds of meals to choose from
  • Personalized – Personalize your meal delivery - tell us your likes and dislikes, and we'll order for you
  • Fully-cooked and ready to eat - Just pop in the microwave and savor the flavor.
  • Nationwide Delivery – Diet but Delicious meals delivered to your door
  • Satisfaction Guarantee – If anything you receive from MagicKitchen.com arrives spoiled or damaged it will be replaced at our expense. Any meals you try that do not meet your satisfaction will either be credited or replaced in your next order.

You'll find our 1200-calorie a day meals to be hearty and filling, so you'll be satisfied and not tempted to snack. Our diet meal delivery service offers a wide selection of healthy complete meals, delivered everywhere in the USA.

What You Should Know About 1200-Calorie a Day Diets

Medical professionals agree that losing 1-2 pounds a week is a healthy way to lose weight. It took some time to put those pounds on, and losing them should go the same way. A 1200-calorie a day diet should do just that.

If you stick with our meals, they will show you what a proper portion looks like, and you'll be less tempted to overeat. Americans tend to eat portions double what they should. MagicKitchen.com meals keep you on track, and get you used to eating the way you should.

When you've lost the recommended amount of weight, you should be in the habit of eating right. You can always continue getting our meals, and fill the calories in with a healthy snack or two.

Get up and Move

Exercise is great for your body, and wonderful for your mental health. Once you get in the habit of a walk or run every couple of days, you'll find yourself craving that time.

You don't need to do much, but every bit you do is chipping away at the calories you're consuming. Exercise can also lower your risk of many diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, obesity, osteoporosis and even some cancers. Another benefit of exercise while dieting is that you will push your body to lose fat rather than muscle. Weight training is recommended, and again you don't need to work out like a Ms. or Mr. Olympia contestant. You just want to retain muscle.

If you find yourself craving a snack even when you aren't hungry, get up, put in the earbuds and go for a walk. You'll thank yourself later!

Planning Your Day

With MagicKitchen.com portion control weight loss meals, all you need to do is decide which you will have for breakfast, lunch and dinner, add up the calories, and then plan some snacks around them. As an example:

Breakfast: Cheese Omelet & Salsa, with Broccoli & Hash Browns: 285 calories
Lunch: Diced Beef Stew with Potatoes and Carrots, Spinach and Cauliflower - 250 calories
Dinner: Salmon & Vegetable Linguini - 380 Calories

That's a total of 915 calories, leaving you 285 for snacks if you want them.

Morning snack: 1/2 cup of blueberries or raspberries (44 calories)
Afternoon Snack: 2 cups of air-popped popcorn with a sprinkle of chili powder, curry powder, onion powder or onion salt. (60 calories)
Evening Snack: A hard boiled egg. (155 calories).



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